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Through the science of quantum physics, the ancient knowledge of the invisible workings of creation is opening our modern minds to the profound influence of the invisible dynamic worlds of quantum energy. What this science is clearly proving is that we are essentially invisible vibrating intelligent energy. Our mind has a powerful influence upon this energy. But we are not our mind, we are the energy that is influenced by the mind. So what is this invisible mysterious energy that we are made of ? 

You are the essence of the Uni-verse. Therefore you are made up of pure energy. This is a reality of quantum physics. Even your physical body is not really a solid blob of flesh and bones. It is made up of vibrating frequency patterns of energetic particles, that are made of the mysterious light and dark stuff of the cosmos. All of it was brought to life from the light at the beginning of the cosmic orgasm. This light creates all things and it is the ultimate intelligence of everything.


Yet there is another even more mysterious energy that was at the beginning and also permeates everything in creation and that is sound. The Big Bang started with the Light AND the SOUND. Many religious and spiritual texts mention the original Sound or Word that created this Uni-verse. Science is now beginning to discover that the Universe if filled with sound.

Each of us has our own sound frequency pattern that makes up our physical body individuality. This is why sound can be so powerful in influencing our health and well-being. If our body at the energy level becomes out of harmony we are more susceptible to physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. Sound and musical harmonics can restore our well-being by correcting the energy flows that maintain and nourish our physical, emotional and psychological systems.


Sound frequencies have the ability to relieve stress, relax the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, improve brain function, balance the hormones, regenerate the body, shift our emotional and mental states and uplift our spirit. 

At the essential core of who and what we are is what I call essence. It is the spirit of consciousness, the light, the quantum flux of your true identity. That essence has been hidden, limited and controlled through the indoctrination of the cultural mind, which for millennium has spread discord around the planet to keep the secret power of the essence hidden from the general public.


Now everything is changing. As the old systems crumbles into the compost heap of time, a new mind expanding reality is emerging. If you are reading this, you are part of this evolutionary new awakened human essence. It is such a profound paradigm shift that will only manifest through the humans who have prepared their hearts, minds and bodies for the increasing cosmic energies that are charging up the earth with the new frequencies of spirit evolution.

We live in a time of dramatic changes to all levels of life on Earth. If you are feeling like something is stirring deep inside of you and wants to evolve into something greater, than this site is here to support the awakening of that spirit essence through music, sound, guided meditation, information and the harmonic brain synchronization frequencies that unlock the power within your essence. This process assists you with enjoyable self empowerment for creating a new reality of conscious choice through the laws of attraction.


This law is the electro-magnetic energetic law of consciousness which creates from the inner thoughts and feelings of the human being. Because of this law, you cannot change your reality with the same cultural ancestral discordant emotions and thought patterns that have created your reality. You must shift the energy patterns deep within your self. For this to happen we all need support of some kind. NOW is a good time to receive the support to make the inner and outer changes that will create a new reality to manifest in your life.


Sound is the original impulse to the creation of life within this Universe. Michael Hammer has embodied the essence of sound through the electronic keyboard synthesizer and is able to take you, the listener, into a spiritually coherent state of consciousness which is supportive of expanding your mind, balancing your brain, relaxing your body and recharging your energetic field. This is what supports the remembering of the higher dimensional light body as the essence wakes up inside of and as you. The sounds, music, meditations and information shared on this website is designed to assist you in awakening and properly using the inherent power that lives inside of you as your essence. 

Tune in, turn on and lift up into the realms of higher consciousness!


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